It’s about time!

Hi guys! After many years in the programming industry, I decided that it’s about time to introduce my own, personal website (yeah, that’s why it’s called¬†

Don’t ask why I didn’t do this earlier. It’s part of the past.

Now, it’s the future. Time to start. Lot of stuff to write, so, keep in touch guys!

Ok, let’s start with who I am. That’s easy; I’m Stratos Nikolaidis, coming from Greece and (currently) living in Malta. Working for in the e-gaming industry.

In the beginning I’ve worked in php (backend/frontend) with the zend framework, Oracle, MySQL and Mongo. In the same time, I had the opportunity to dive into IT managing our Centos servers (ver.6 and 7) with my fellow admins and on organizing a dev team using git and our inhouse deployment system.

Later on we did a switch from php to .net (frontend exclusively) and had a chance to meet the Microsoft world (.net, aspx, ascx pages); I have to admit that I wasn’t that excited.

But, it was a good chance to start working on nodejs. Which is really awesome.

Also working on WordPress; this is a huge sections, more about this on my blog and portfolio posts.

Nowadays I’m working almost exclusively on nodejs, jQuery and VueJS. But for all these things, as above, check my blog and portfolio posts.

Stay in touch!

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