Why WordPress doesn’t have a descent calendar view?

Something I haven’t understood with the WordPress guys is the lack of a descentĀ calendar view; actually, the lack of any calendar view! Don’t take wrong; it makes sense to have a list of all your blog posts, ordered in any way you want and filtering them as you like.

But, what about a whole view? Per month perhaps? Doesn’t this make sense?

But is it necessary?

If you’re a one-man-blogger, most probably you don’t need it. A list of all your posts, with the option to sort and filter them in any possible way, it’s more than enough. But…

If you have a professional magazine, with authors writing for you, you need more than a simple list. You need to have a clear general view of the site, so you can manage your site in an easy and flexible way.

The solution

What’s missing is an EditorialĀ Calendar view. Having all posts in a nice, easy readable way. With options to organize the posts, either by changing publish date or changing the author working on them.

What I had in mind when I wrote this plugin was a whiteboard with a calendar drawing and post-it with article titles. An editor could make a huge use of that, being able to move these small yellow* papers from one day to the other, based of the current requirements.

Sounds interesting, right? Check it here.

* Nowadays it can be found in more colours.

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