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  • VueJS

    When are the props available in a component?

    While working on a project, I came up with a rather unexpected problem: props are not available during the created() or mounted() methods. How can this be solved?

  • Getting errors using Intelephense? Here’s the solution.

    So, here’s a quick one: In case you’re a PHP developer, then you should be using the Intelephense plugin (assuming you are using Visual Studio Code of course). There is a case where you might jump on a weird error which makes no sense: some of the default PHP methods flagged as unknown.

  • Google Tag Manager

    Google Tag Manager – Hide debug frame by default

    When working with Google Tag Manager, the default debug view mode can become annoying being visible all the time; there is a way to hide it by default.

  • Taking tags-view to the next level

    Sometime ago I mentioned that I’m building a new Reporting/BI application. I’ve decided to use the interface, which is (quote) “A magical administrative interface for Laravel built by VueJS and Element UI”. As soon as you understand the logic and the structure, it’s pretty easy to either start modifying existing modules or start building your own. But there is a catch, which can create an overloading impact to the server – it’s called “tag switching”.

  • My new Reporting/BI application

    I know that it has been quite a while, but I promise that I’ll try to do a proper comeback. Lot of things happened during my absence, good things (btw, I’ve started my German courses! How cool is that? ) so, here I am, with my all new project, which is a Reporting/BI system, using the data we already store in our databases.

  • How to debug inline javascript?

    So, quick question: how do we debug inline Javascript code, included in the main page instead of an external script file?

  • Why WordPress doesn’t have a descent calendar view?

    Something I haven’t understood with the WordPress guys is the lack of a descent calendar view; actually, the lack of any calendar view! Don’t take wrong; it makes sense to have a list of all your blog posts, ordered in any way you want and filtering them as you like. But, what about a whole view?…