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  • Getting errors using Intelephense? Here’s the solution.

    So, here’s a quick one: In case you’re a PHP developer, then you¬†should be using the Intelephense plugin (assuming you are using Visual Studio Code of course). There is a case where you might jump on a weird error which makes no sense: some of the default PHP methods flagged as unknown.

  • laravue.dev: Taking tags-view to the next level

    Sometime ago I mentioned that I’m building a new Reporting/BI application. I’ve decided to use the laravue.dev interface, which is (quote) “A magical administrative interface for Laravel built by VueJS and Element UI”. As soon as you understand the logic and the structure, it’s pretty easy to either start modifying existing modules or start building your own. But there is a catch, which can create an overloading impact to the server – it’s called “tag switching”.