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Stratos Nikolaidis
Head of Development at WINunited


Writing about myself, is one of the most difficult parts of the page. This is because, becoming a developer is wasn’t a coincidence or even a choice. I would say that it was more like fate.

I have the privilege of very few, saying that becoming a developer was a decision I took at the age of 12. In times where there was no internet and PCs was something strictly professional (if not for academic purposes only). Imagine that my first computer was an Amstrad CPC 6128 with green monitor!

I have to say that I’ve seen the world of home computers and PCs on its very best; black’n’white screens, graphics cards with 16 and 256 colors, OS/2, DESQview, Windows, Linux (when it was still 7 floppy disks, without GUI), the dawn of Internet…

Endless stories, I have to stop here, otherwise I’ll keep writing and filling pages and pages.

All this time, developing was becoming more and more part of myself. Up to the point where I studied it and it became my official profession. But it never stopped being my passion also. So, I assume that combining profession with passion is the best thing someone can have, right?

I do enjoy programming on the same level and intense as when I was 14. The only difference now is the experience I’ve gained all these years (more than 30 and keep counting) contributing on creating better software!

On my site (someone might say that it should be done years ago, but this is another story), you will find my thoughts which I would love to talk about and part of my work all these years; the latter will be populated as often as possible, so let’s stay in touch!