Editorial calendar

When I decided to write the Editorial Calendar plugin, I had in mind a whiteboard with a 7×5 grid (7 columns for each day of the week) with 5 rows, each one for each week, representing a whole month. and full of post-it in different colours.

This is the best tool for an editor who manages a number of authors, to have a full overview of his (or her) website, making it easy to manage the publishing schedule.

The same concept has been implemented here, as you can see from the screenshots. These are from this same website, it has already become an important tool for me and use it all the time! (ok, lot of articles are still in draft mode, but this is irrelevant)

As you can see, we can have multiple post types (blog and portfolio posts) and also displaying different post statuses. The user cannot modify the content from this page; this is not the concept of the plugin. As mentioned above, have in mind the editor’s whiteboard.

What the user can do is, to move the posts (via drag’n’drop) and reassign the posts to different authors.

Also, using a short filtering, the user can quickly focus on a specific post status, making his task as easy as possible.

In the future, I’m planning to create a “pro” version, where the admin will be able to define the posts types to be available in the calendar view among other advanced features. For now, the “free” version (soon will be available through wordpess.org) covers only blog posts. But it can cover most of the cases.

I really hope you will like it and find it useful! 🙂