This is my first personal project, in VueJS. It’s more like a general introduction on my knowhow regarding… everything.

But let’s start from the beginning, the general concept.

The whole idea of this project is, to show what can be done with VueJS in just a short time of learning the framework and in the same time, to explain in easy ways, how the online gaming works.

In a general approach, and in lame terms, all the control is coming from the backend. The frontend has all the fancy animations and sounds etc and… that’s all.

So, this project has multiple phases. This one is strictly the frontend. No communication with any backend at all. Everything is purely random.

In following versions, there will be a backend as a wordpress plugin (communicating with subscribed users, managing login and credits from wordpress etc).

Also, a standalone one based on laravel and one more in nodejs.

So, the application (you can play it right here), for now, is quite simple taking advantage of the most important features provided by VueJS:

  • Components: The whole application is split in multiple components, to better organize the development, ease the maintenance and the expansion.
  • Vuex: All the data between components and main application is taking place through vuex, as it should be. Lot of stuff are dummy (yet) as the user information, the spin results etc. But all the mechanism is there in the correct structure, via a proper store object, with states, mutations and actions.
  • Vue18n: This is the latest addition in the project, since the font I’m using supports Greek characters! And also it’s one of the strongest features, since it changes the language on the fly, with no reloading the app.

In the How it’s made series, I’ll show in all details, how the application was built and the online slot approach. Stay in touch, there are more to come!

Want to follow? Here are the sources!

Legal notice: all assets were found from the internet:


0.10.0: First mobile friendly version:

– Responsive

0.9.6: First public version:

– Multilingual
– Vuex
– Pacman sounds (cool huh?)
– Components

Next version:

– More sound effects
– Refactoring

Future plans (not convinced yet if I should follow):

– Convert the project from javascript to typescript
– Better graphics and sounds (not rerto like but more elegant)